The history of the development of space tourism. HelpFederal space Agency ha found an investor willing to invest in the construction of the spaceship “the Union” specifically for the “tourist” way, is spoken in the message of Roscosmos.

Federal space Agency has found an investor willing to invest in the construction of a spaceship “Union” specifically “tourist” run, is spoken in the message of Roscosmos.

Space tourism is paying for from the private funds going into space or into orbit in entertainment or research purposes.

Currently only used for the purpose of space tourism is the international space station (ISS). The flights are operated using Russian spacecraft “Union”.

Organization of flights tourists do Roscosmos and the American company Space Adventures. Space Adventures has cooperated with the “Russian” since 2001. Just using this company in the space has already visited five tourists. In “turn” on the fly signed up for another 12 people.

Earlier space flights cost the tourists in 20-25 million dollars since July 2007, the space cost of the tour has grown to 30-40 million dollars. In addition, we announced a price for a new service – output space tourist into space – $ 15 million.

The flight to the International space station takes about a day, the same number is required for returns. Orbiting tourist spends, usually eight days.

The space tourists conducted training in Star city near Moscow, as well as in small aircraft that simulates weightlessness. The minimum possible period of training is 6 months.

During the period of training space tourists must explore a large amount of technical information on the “Union” and ISS. For non-professionals require training and the factors of flight, as well as knowledge of elements and behavior in flight. Training includes aspects such as maintenance of vital functions during normal and emergency situations. For tourists in a mandatory manner to produce individual means of prevention is to facilitate and conditions of stay at the station, and start conditions, the transfer of overloads, etc.

The basis of medical selection “tourists” the principles developed for professional astronauts. In the first place doctors look the history of the candidate for the flight, study its history. Further undergoing a comprehensive physical examination. After outpatient studies begin functional load exercise tests on a Bicycle Ergometer, vestibular tests, etc. All the readings are recorded and stored. If the candidate has passed these studies successfully, he is allowed to bench test the rotation of the centrifuge tests in a pressure chamber, etc. Maximum overload in a centrifuge, which impose space tourists, 8g is in the direction of the “front-to-back”.

According to the Deputy Director of the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) for science by Valery Bogomolov, of five visiting the orbit of tourists the most healthy was mark Shuttleworth, to him at physicians virtually no complaints. Did not have any problems and Anoushe Ansari. Among steel space tourists were people with clinical diagnoses requiring continuous treatment. However, they have been to space, because they were functionally reliable the portability of space flight factors. Besides, during the preflight period, and in flight they had special medical measures to maintain the functional state of the body systems at the required level.

The first space tourist, who had been on Board the ISS, was Italian-American Dennis Tito . committed weekly flights from 28 April to 6 may 2001 and paid for it $20 million.

Dennis Tito was born in 1941 in new York. Having aerospace education at new York University, Tito worked in the laboratory for the study of jet movement of NASA in Pasadena, where he participated in the calculation of the trajectories of automatic stations on Mars and Venus. In the early 1970s he founded a consulting firm Wilshire Associates Inc., which by 2000 had become the third-largest consulting firm in the United States in the field of investment. Dennis Tito owns a controlling stake in the company worth more than $200 million.

25 April ‑ 5 may 2002 as a space tourist to the ISS visited by a millionaire from South Africa mark Shuttleworth . ketabchi on the ISS for $20 million.

Mark Shuttleworth born 18 September 1973. He studied at the University of Cape town. In 1996 he founded an Internet consulting company “Taste”, which became Africa’s first company that had a server with a full guarantee of security in electronic Commerce and to establish commercial relationships worldwide.

During the flight, he was engaged not only video memory, but research on the embryonic development and stem cells in weightlessness.

Third space tourist, American millionaire Gregory Olsen visited the ISS 1-11 October 2005, paying for a flight of about $20 million.

Gregory Hammond Olsen was born 20 April 1945 in upstate new York Brooklyn. In 1968 he graduated from the University Parlait Dickinson, and a Ph. D. in materials science received in 1971 after finishing graduate school at the University of Virginia. In 1984, Olsen founded the company on manufacture of fiber optic sensors and emitters.

“the Reason I went into space, is simple ‑ by education I am a physicist, engaged in optics and electronics, in addition, have the necessary means for this,” said after flying businessman.

The first space tourist was American of Iranian origin Anoushe Ansari . who had been on Board the ISS 18-29 September 2006. She became the understudy Japanese space tourist Daisuke Enomoto, who was not allowed to fly for health reasons. The cost of the flight is $20 million.

Anoushe Ansari was born in Tehran in 1967 and immigrated to the US in 1984. She studied at the University of George Manson, where he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science, also received a master’s degree from George Washington University. In 1993, Mrs. Ansari, her husband Hamid and his brother Amir founded Telecom Technologies for the production of telecommunications equipment. In 2000, after the unification of Telecom Technologies with the company Sonus Networks, relatives founded the investment company Prodea Inc. In the last few years, the Ansari family was actively engaged in investments in the field of space tourism. Ansari spent on Board of three scientific experiment, taking photographs from space and participated in several educational TV shows.

Fifth space tourist was one of the founders of Microsoft, an American, a Hungarian-born Charles Simonyi . visited the ISS as part of the 15th expedition 7-21 April 2007. During the flight he paid more than their predecessors ‑ $25 million.

Charles Simonyi was born on 10 September 1948 in Budapest. He graduated in 1972 from the University of California at Berkeley and received a bachelor of science degree in engineering and mathematics, and then, in 1976, received a doctorate in the field of computer science in Standforth University. Since 1981 he worked at Microsoft, he held the position of Director of application development, chief architect, lead engineer. In August 2002, he left Microsoft and together with Professor Greg Cichlasoma from Xerox Research center in Palo Alto founded Intentional Software Corporation. Simoni has a pilot license multi-engine aircraft, jets and helicopters. The total flight time by the end of 2006 amounted to more than two thousand hours.

The closest you send to the ISS space tourist is scheduled for autumn 2008, they will become a U.S. citizen Richard Garriott. Following the flight of its kind on the ISS is scheduled for spring 2009.

The material is prepared on the basis of the information of RIA Novosti and open sources