From the history of tourismTraveled humanity, perhaps always, since its inception. First, the purpose of travel was business, then business. It is the merchants and traders in ancient times, explored unfamiliar territory, paving trade routes by land and by sea. In the Middle ages we can talk about the emergence of religious tourism, aims to visit Christian and Muslim shrines. In the New time traveler becomes a hero in literature, the example of that famous Roman “Robinson Crusoe” British author Daniel Defoe. It is noteworthy that the world’s first travel Agency was opened in the UK in the third quarter of the nineteenth century.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries, tourism has already existed, but was the privilege of wealthy people and the aristocracy, have borne the elite nature. Travel, as a rule, carried out with a recreational and educational purposes, was considered an indispensable attribute of social life. In the XXI century tourism became available to wide circles of the population, now it is not necessary to have the title of count to book a room in Movenpick Hotel Prague 4* and other upscale hotels.

In the late nineteenth century there have been major changes in the manufacturing sector, resulting in an elitist culture began to merge with the bourgeois, the enhancement of the urban working population. At the turn of XIX-XX centuries began the formation of mass culture and mass society. This process was completed after the Second world war. Then, in the mid-twentieth century, in Western countries has increased the standard of living of the population in daily life appliances included, have evolved means of communication, transport system. Formed a consumer society that has made my life fun. The average American having in the house the TV can see reports from other parts of the world who were attracted by its beauty. Financial stability 1950-60-ies gave the consumer the opportunity to buy a plane ticket to Europe and book a room in Klarov 4* in any other hotel.

It was the middle of the twentieth century, tourism became a mass phenomenon, formed extensive tourism industry. Alvin Toffler — a prominent American sociologist — wrote in one of his books that postindustrial society ’s annual trip, travel and permanent change of residence became second nature”. In modern society, with the constant stress of travel and tourism for a short time give an opportunity to rest, relax, get a lot of new impressions. The tourist business is currently one of the most sustainable and profitable. Moreover, tourism plays an important role in the processes of world globalization.