The history of tourism developmentDo you think tourism has appeared only in the XX century? Partly Yes and partly no. Mass tourism travel people really started to make in the late XIX – early XX century, when, in our everyday life began to enter cars, trains, aircraft. In fact, the history of the development of tourism is very ancient humanity travels long ago.

In the early history of tourism were travelling in search of new homes and places for food. Even in those days when people had only primitive tools, their journey was quite long. The remains of the first humans found in Africa, China, Western Europe.

One of the first travelers were residents of Oceania. Their small canoes, they traveled across the Pacific ocean. Polynesians, for example, has made travel with United Islands to Hawaii – more than 2 thousand miles. While navigational tools they used were the sun and the stars, the direction of movement of birds and moving clouds.

Greek celebrities Herodotus ( V century BC) and PYTHEAS ( IV century BC) also went on a journey to explore new territories and study the unknown States. The latter,for example, made repeated trips along the coast of Northern Europe.

Ancient Rome attracted tourists those times grandeur of its architectural structures, as well as a fairly extensive network of roads. Themselves Romans, mostly wealthy, undertook the journey to Greece: for fun and to increase the level of education.

In the IV century BC the Turkish city of Ephesus attracted tourists constantly conducted performances of jugglers, acrobats and illusionists.

Since the XV century BC tourist travel was determined by the places of pilgrimages. Wealthy Europeans in the middle ages traveled to various natural healing springs.

The first lot of Americans were primarily within their country. First on foot and on horseback, and then by boats and canoes. Has boosted the development of tourism, the construction of Railways. In 1850, he founded the “American Express”, which pioneered the use of traveler’s checks.

Travel in ancient Russia was motivated mainly by the search for new lands for cultivation and trade. The first written evidence of early travels in Russia belong to the “Tale of bygone years”. In those days travel to individuals or small groups were limited to the places of pilgrimages. It’s been a journey to Jerusalem and Constantinople. No less demand and the Holy places inside Russia: the Kiev-Pechersk monastery, the Dormition Pochayiv monastery, the Trinity-Sergiev monastery.