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The emergence of a new project “History of tourism” was inevitable. We came to understand that for many years has created a unique chronicle of the Russian travel industry: accumulated mass of material which is of interest both from the practical and from an analytical point of view: looking through (the Internet!) old Newspapers, you can learn about the stages of development, the UPS and downs of each specific operator, to trace the dynamics of the development direction, to understand what steps market participants are correct and ensured the success and which, by contrast, was a mistake.

In a convenient electronic format can not only read through old Newspapers, but also to view the new rooms on the day of release. Earlier electronic version of the Bulletin readers can see on the website no earlier than two weeks after the release, now users of the project will receive access to the new edition as the printed version. The online version of the newspaper “binder” allows you to freely navigate by headings, releases, themes. With the help of the search string you can for a few seconds to get a collection of articles about the direction of the operator or any other subject that has ever been covered in the paper – the status of the oldest publications in the Russian travel market gives “Tourinfo” the ability to trace the development of the tourism industry in the country since its beginning. For more than 16 years “Tourinfo” highlights significant events of the tourist market.

Interested in “History of tourism”? This range is very wide: from professionals working in the tourist market, for them, the selection of materials on the given topic can be a way to feel free in the information space industry, to deepen the knowledge about a particular direction, to obtain a “portfolio” of one or another operator, or to become informative insight into the history of the industry to students and teachers of tourism universities, which provided extensive factual material for research.

Users of “History of tourism” have access to all rooms “Tourinfo” (many of which still existed only on paper) and the ability to obtain new releases of the oldest tourist editions of Russia in electronic form. Extending the area of distribution of the newspaper to the scale of the Internet, we have made it more accessible and convenient for readers from all regions of Russia.

– New project “history of the Russian travel industry” posted on the pages of a separate section of the site Intuitive interface and implementation of the project in the usual design “Tourinfo” provide easy navigation for users.

Search publications is carried out directly in the electronic versions of the newspaper in PDF format, placed in chronological order, or by using special filters (“keyword”, “country”, “tourism”, “time interval”) in the HTML versions of the materials. Every Tuesday, the day the printed version of the newspaper, the new numbers are in electronic form will be available to subscribers.

Publications archive is filled under the scheme “back in time”, i.e. from fresh rooms to more ancient, with the greatest historical value. To work on the project created a special staff, capable of processing the vast array of information available later for viewing and searching by criteria.

Mikhail ROMANOV, General Director of “Orpheus”, the sponsor of the project “History of tourism”:

– Move forward only on the basis of experience, not forgetting no good ideas, no serious errors. In the daily bustle, it may seem that for the tourism industry it is important to only a momentary state, is fundamentally wrong. In order to properly build a business, you need to understand what the situation was even more than a year or two, but 10 years ago. “Tourinfo” for 16 years remains for the tourism industry to the mirror, which reflects the dynamics of this ever changing market.

In my opinion, the appearance of the project “History of tourism” it is extremely important for those who started to work in tourism in the twenty-first century. The history of the formation of Russian tourism in the late twentieth century is full of fascinating stories and unexpected twists. The first travel company that appeared in the 90-ies, many truths, today seemingly immutable, reached by trial and error. With the advent of the “History of tourism” the new generation of employees travel industry has the opportunity to obtain the necessary understanding of the current situation in the Russian travel industry, bypassing the fatten our own mistakes, without the mistakes of predecessors. By supporting this project, we are proud to consider that make a contribution to preserving the past and shaping the future of the tourist market of Russia.