The history of tourism and corporate gifts have a lot in commonSince the beginning of civilization have already been trading the way through which merchants made their journey. And some purchases which were in other countries but not in the buyer’s country. Here originates such a thing as corporate gifts. Things bought in distant foreign countries who came and didn’t give only to those with whom he worked and the upstream link. Today it is not needed because a lot of unique corporate gifts can be purchased here. Everything your heart desires, and most importantly — unique gifts, all need to be unique and special. People don’t like analogs. As for the history of tourism in that time, one of the most important centres of Maritime trade routes between the Sumerian civilization and the Indus valley was the port of Lothal.

600 BC and later

At that time in the Egyptian and the Babylonian Empire began to emerge various forms of entertainment for strangers. In Egypt held lots of religious festivals and holidays, which attracted a lot of pious and simple people, and in Babylon to the public was built a Museum where historical values.

As elsewhere, in India, the kings in order to strengthen the Empire traveled a lot. For religious purposes traveled thousands of Brahmanas. They flocked to Sravasti and Sarnath in order to be awarded a miraculous smile of the Buddha.

500 BC, Greek civilization

The Greeks began to travel to the so-called places of power, where he was healed by the gods. The society has more and more started to get into sports. Important role in the development of tourism has played an ancient Greek temple, the Parthenon, which receives the mass of the people. In the major cities and ports began to open the hotel, in order to meet the needs of travelers and merchants. At the same time appeared the travel notes. Their appearance we owe to Herodotus. The guides, which appeared in the 4th century BC, described cities as Sparta, Athens, and Troy. Also at this time appeared one of the first road signs that pointed the way to the hotels.