The history of tourism in BenidormA brief history of tourism in Benidorm

In 1993 Benidorm city hall celebrated the first century of tourism in the city. based on tourist Avenue “Bath of the virgin of Sufragio” published in 1893, and who is considered the first existing tourist Avenue of Benidorm .

Due to the construction of a new road Silla — Alicante and Benidorm railway from Madrid . the city became more famous and tourist activity has increased.

In 1914 was officially opened on the narrow-gauge railway Trenet de La Marina . which connecting Alicante via Benidorm with Altea .

In 50-ies of the last century. prospects of development. definitively determined the direction of Benidorm on tourism. The General plan of 1956 gave the city a form in which it presents today.

The mastermind behind the master plan of 1956 was the mayor of Torrevieja Pedro Zaragoza Orts . dubbed by many tourism professionals a dreamer. He was identified in the project design of the city. In addition. he was the first mayor of Spain which allowed the wearing of bikinis on the beaches. and in 17 years of being in power, the course of the present plan of promotion of Benidorm abroad and through song Festival has brought the popularity of Benidorm to the rest of the world.

The singer who won in 1968, this contest and the best known internationally, was Julio Iglesias .

After this short trip into the history of Benidorm . we can say that beach tourism today is the most famous tourist product of Benidorm. The remaining proposals, every year, the city tries to make everything more varied, with theme parks, sea sports, health, Golf, business tourism, to keep pace with market requirements and maintain reputation as a leader on the national and international level.

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